Cookie Policy

In order to be transparent about how Intellyo collects and uses data, this Cookie Policy provides information about how and when Intellyo uses cookies. Further details about how Intellyo collects and uses data can be found in the Privacy Policy.
By using or visiting Intellyo’s Websites and Intellyo’s Service (online tool, Intellyo Creator Engine), you agree to the use of cookies according to the details described below. Please find further details about cookies in general, and about they are used by Intellyo below, along with support in how to deactivate these cookies if you do not agree to their usage.

Definition  - What is a cookie?
Cookies are small text files sent by Intellyo (or any other online provider) to your computer or mobile device, which are unique to the account or browser. Session-based cookies last only while your browser is open, and are automatically deleted once the browser is closed. Persistent cookies, on the other hand, last until you or your browser deletes them or until they expire.

How does Intellyo use cookies?
Visitors (Non-registered Users)
If you are a Visitor to Intellyo’s Websites, no Personal Data is collected from you, as you do not provide your identity on the website. As long as no registration takes place, the cookies recognise solely the device-browser combination (indirect Personal Data). In this case, Intellyo uses the data collected via cookies for the following purposes:

Registered Users
Once a registration to Intellyo’s Service takes place, cookies are used to recognise returning users to Intellyo’s Websites and Service, using the IP address of the user. The application of cookies include the following:

Intellyo’s Websites operate with so-called “Retargeting tags”, which are small elements of JavaScript found in the source code of the website. This allows online advertising providers (e.g. Google) to place a cookie on the device of the website visitor, that allocates the visitor to a remarketing target group. This cookie is then used by the third-party online advertising provider (e.g. Google) to determine whether to show interest-based advertisements of Intellyo on other pages the user visits. These online advertising providers do not receive or have access to any personal data controlled by Intellyo (e.g. Name or Contact Information), nor is it possible for Intellyo to receive the data of those visitors. Only analytics and statistics derived from these data are accessible by Intellyo, it is therefore not possible to identify the individual user. Cookies used by Google can be disabled at any time in the Ads Setting of Google, and you can clear your cookie history on the Google Settings page.

Additionally, Intellyo’s Websites use the “Custom Audiences” function of Facebook (Facebook Inc.). The usage of the remarketing tags of Facebook allows interest-based advertising to be placed on Facebook for the users who have visited Intellyo’s Website before. You can de-activate the “Custom Audiences” function on the Ad Preferences page in your Facebook profile (you have to be logged in). More details can be found in Facebook’s Data Policy.

Deactivation of Cookies
You can deactivate the use of cookies any time in your browser settings. However, please keep in mind that deactivating cookies can damage or completely prevent the proper functioning of the Websites. Please find the links to deactivate cookies in the most common browsers here: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox.

Contacting Intellyo
In case of questions about this Cookie Policy or Intellyo’s business, Intellyo’s contact information can be found below.
Intellyo GmbH
Breitenfurter Straße 372B/5/B4
1230 Vienna Austria
+43 676 324 8959